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Welcome to Jeugmark

Market place by Youth, for the Youthful

About Us

Jeugmark is a Youth Market dedicated to showcasing the entrepreneurial spirit of millennials and future generations.

Automation has made production easier and faster but not without the elimination of human feel.

Our platform is the number one (No. 1) go-to place for Youthful Buyers interested in special, carefully handcrafted and vintage products.

Jeugmark sellers are students and youths who put their hearts into the making of listed products.

Buyers are not just buying an item ― they are buying material representations of a creator's mind and emotions.

How it Works

We are a movement, we are a voice, we are an equal opportunity platform with no bias for the amount of seller's capital. Jeugmark's requirement from its sellers and buyers is Honesty.

Sell Honestly

Jeugmark helps young entrepreneurs reach prospective (youthful) buyers. Products listed are expected to be as described to avoid SANCTION.

Want to start selling honestly? We charge just N50.

Become a Seller

Buy Honestly

Customers are always right ― a dishonest one is not just wrong but also inglorious to the Youthful Generation.

Jeugmark buyers are expected to be sincere in their dealings with sellers. Product refund and/or return should be because of the reason stated such as "not as described" and not otherwise.

Read our buyer's protection HERE

Before certifying item receipt, check and confirm order. Our dispute team is always on ground to mediate between sellers and buyers.

Sellers don't get payment until buyers are satisfied with their order(s).

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Can’t find what you need, let us know. We will help search for a reputable seller and get back to you soonest.